Day 22, 4/25/2016

Day 22: (154lbs) Arms Day

4-25-2016I am finally back on it! I guess part of the motivation was seeing a friend post about how he’s doing while on vacation this past week. His transformation in the last few weeks is definitely noticeable, unlike myself, with only a slight change. It doesn’t hurt either that there’s a contest among all the Brute Body participants.

Saturday, I got to work out with a new group. It was packed with cardio which was great, other than the fact I has ran 3.4 miles beforehand. I felt like a lead footed runner. The rest of the day flew by. I was running around the rest of the day grocery shopping. Being budget friendly means going to multiple stores and seeing which offers better deals. For example: Costco is not always cheap. Instead of spending $2.99/lb for chicken breast I went to Macey’s Grocery and spend $1.29/lb.

I also made three meals including a cheat meal for that night. I made a pot of yellow chicken curryuova in purgatorio – eggs and sausage baked in a spicy tomato sauce, grilled chicken, and korean BBQ beef.

Sunday, I got 2 more miles in while the pups were at the park. A trip to Okubo Farm & Greenhouse after meant that for the rest of the day I was going to garden. I picked up not only flowers for the front yard but veggies and herbs for the back!

It took a whole lot of work to get the front yard right. Also, the amount of onions and rose bushes planted were quite ridiculous! I mean roses aren’t half bad but they have thorns. Who would plant something with thorns?! I do my own gardening and I don’t feel it’s necessary to add pricks every time I go to prune. Honestly, there are prettier blooms out there that require far less work! I started at 11AM and finished around 5PM. Plus side, no sunburn!

That night I began weighing and measuring out the meals making it much easier to track this week and I am also eating every 2 hours.

6AM: I had the typical breakfast of 3 eggs and butter coffee blend (bulletproof)

8AM: I had chicken soup from homemade broth and leftover chicken

10AM: I had a spicy turkey and sausage recipe from Nom Nom Paleo

12PM: Aidell’s chicken ceatballs

2PM: Cottage cheese and raw almonds

4PM: Protein Shake post workout

6PM: Yellow curry chicken


Day 19, 4/22/2016

Day 19: (157 lbs) Leg Day

On Thursday, I had Mexican when a coworker 4-22-2016invited me to lunch. 3 tamales later I felt full but my stomach felt heavy so working out later that evening was rough. It took everything I had to not just go home.

Friday, I was determined to make it all up. I had all my good meals full of protein. I even had a healthy snack which consisted of cottage cheese and almonds. I didn’t realize it fit my macros but it did and it was delicious! I forgot how much I love cottage cheese and the nuts added a nice crunch. cottage cheese.JPGOdd for the flavor but the alternatives had added sugar and other stuff that weren’t so natural. I was back at it…. until … the coach wasn’t available to let me in to start working out and I took a detour to Ruby Snap… 4 delectably decadent cookies later(1. BillieAnn: coconut carrot curry with coconut mascarpone & topped with toasted coconut, 2. Nina: coffee & toffee topped with a brazil nut & chocolate, and 3 & 4. Myle: blackrice, coconut,  lemongrass, rolled in organic coconut sugar). I was slapping my own hand. I guess in retrospect I usually would have had 6-12 cookies so I was still doing better? I know, no excuses. I’d definitely make it up with some runs not because I want to but because I have to.


Day 13, 4/16/2016

Day 13: (155lbs) Cardio & Abs

4-16-2016.JPGOh boy… falling off the bandwagon. It all started this past Wednesday. My body was fighting back with cravings and I let it. I had left over pasta and even snuck in Ben & Jerry’s Thursday!

Friday, there were homemade cookies at the office.

Saturday, my sweet neighbor brought over a welcoming gift in the form of a box of See’s chocolates and Sunday was Bucket O’ Crawfish with sweet potato fries (which was good and satisfying). It wasn’t as good as California’s Kickin’ Crab or Boiling Crab but it was good in a very guilty sort of way.

I was still working out hard, I just wasn’t eating the way I should be. Where was my self control?

Guess I will try do better next week.

Day 11, 4/14/2016

Day 11: (154lbs) Upper Body Workout

What an epic day! Other than the fact it’s cold and raining. I made up for yesterday’s mishaps and my continued guilty pleasures. 1I had a lemon ricotta cookie this morning. I had been craving one and they were still cooling last night.
Plus I was too stuffed to try one. I did go gluten-free; however, I think it’s moot when you still use sugar and butter.

Well… let’s be honest. The lemon cookie wasn’t my only sneak. I also had an Einstein Potato Bagel with two types of shmear. It was Almond Honey Butter and Strawberry. It was just too good to pass up! That was just breakfast. At lunch I got a walnut brownie. Yeah… the office is a dangerous place. I know better but I just didn’t do it.

BUT!!! HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT! I finally got comfortable doing multiple handstand push ups! They felt great and, dare I say, easy? I was still kipping them but I did 5 in a row just fine. The upper body workout felt like a bro sesh. I felt like I was back at 24 Hour Fitness or out here in Utah people like to say VASA Fitness LOL. After nearly 2 hours of Brute Body I was done. I needed some cardio though to feel better about my junk food guilty pleasures. I decided I would do the Ute Crossfit WOD. It was a 20 min AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of 5 HSPU, 10 Pistols, 15 T2B, and 200M Row. I surprised myself on the T2B because I had really sucked at them but long and behold I was DOING IT! EEEEk! Yep! Panting myself on the back.



Day 10, 4/13/2016

IMG_1249.JPGDay 10: (152.8lbs) Cardio & Abs

I felt tired. It was a long work day and by the time I got to the gym I was over it. I pushed on. I’m sure the medicine ball I used was much too light (12lbs) but that’s all I had in me especially since Monday I’ve developed t-rex arms. After a lot of fun (not really) ab workouts, I got to the cardio part. It was only 30 mins… but I went with 20mins. I shouldn’t have given in and done only 20 but I gave myself an excuse somehow and management to reason my way out of it. Uh OH! It’s begun! NOOO!

I ran for 10 and rowed for 10. That was it. I went home and felt absolutely guilty! As I was cooking because a couple girlfriends were coming for dinner I was counting down to 5:30. My 4 hour window of freedom was inching so much closer! I didn’t deserve it but I took it anyways!

Before I knew it I had enjoyed 3 cocktails (2 coconut water & 1 lychee) two plates of Mexican style pasta substituted with coconut milk (instead of heavy cream and milk) and a large piece of pie from the Dodo Restaurant. Yeah… not my finest hour.

Day 9, 4/12/2016

5.JPGDay 9: (153.8lbs) Lower Body Workout

Yes! I love leg day! Mostly because I am better at leg stuff than arms stuff.

I’ve been waking up sore but it’s like a revival of life. It’s that feeling of being alive. Just a couple weeks ago I was waking up tired and wanting to go back to bed. I was more groggy and it felt like I couldn’t get enough sleep. So far, it seems like the workout has been helping with that.

My legs felt like JELLO. After a ton of squats .. the workout was more squats and box jumps. It was a struggle to get that one more rep. It felt amazing to sweat. Let’s see how tomorrow goes!

Day 8, 4/11/2016

monday mornDay 8 (154lbs) Upper Body Workout

The dreaded Monday morning. Work was full of catching up but nothing new. I couldn’t wait to get out so I could get to the workout. Sunday night, I had a few more carbs than intended. One could call it an outright cheat. Oppps, it happens. I was back at it again though this morning with my 3 eggs, PBfit, and bulletproof with my Kerry Gold Butter. YUM!

Being able to add a little richness to black coffee was all I needed. I used to be a frufru coffee drinker. It was pretty bad in college with a Starbucks at every corner. I would order something Venti Frap full of sugar, caramel, & chocolate. Breaking that habit took some work but it saved my wallet and I lost a lot of weight. I don’t actually drink soda or even coffee often because of that.

The upper body workout wasn’t half bad. I was definitely sore with t-rex arms forming. 1 of 6 in the books.


Day 6, 4/9/2016

sat.JPGDay 6: (153.4lbs) Abs and Cardio

I spent most of the morning dealing with home stuff and figuring out why I still didn’t have internet. I had planned on working out early to get it out of the way but of course life always gets in the way.

It was finally the weekend and assessment week was over. I had a moment to breath. Did I mention I had just moved and was still getting settled in? Yeah, how’s that for multi-tasking?

I finally got to the gym at 11AM and was ready to work. There wasn’t anyone else doing Brute Body so I was going solo. I didn’t mind one bit. I was still motivated and so I was going to do it right! I even got a chance to add more weight and that made me happy.

While waiting for the man to finish, I did some nearby errands including a Costco run for a runner and checking out a Specialized bike sale. I was really tempted to upgrade my Giant road bike but thought it would be better if I waited a bit. I mean buying a house isn’t cheap! After he had finished we were on our way to our old apartment to clean out the kitchen and mostly the fridge with a spill or two that need a little elbow grease. I knew I would be starving and decided the deli counter at Smith‘s would suffice. It was the only protein I could get that would help me stay under my carb count. Surprisingly, most power bars had a ton of carbs like enough that it would easily double my carbs if I hadn’t read the label. Roast beef would do a quarter pound it was. IMG_3215

I was definitely going to enjoy my 4 hour window to eat my heart’s desire tonight. I settled on finding out where I could buy Ben & Jerry’s Almond Milk Ice Cream. I had been excited since the announcement that it was coming out. That afternoon I was on a mission. I was also quite cranky…. probably due to lack of food all day. I had saved up all my carbs and fat so I could binge. All I can say is…. OH MY GOODNESS…. and to think… I was at the cash register at Target at 5:30PM with no wallet and only Apple Pay, which by the way they do not currently utilize and I was hangry! I walked angrily to the car and there it was. The backpack with the money!

Day 5, 4/8/2016

Day 5: (153lbs.) Upper Body Workout


Day 5

After working out last night, I felt like I could keep going. Then as I went to lift my protein shake to my lips… my left arm didn’t want to go any higher than my shoulder. For a moment, I was stuck. I guess I had worked out more on my bicep and triceps than I thought.

No dramatic change in weight today but 4 days in it’s expected. I didn’t start at 200lbs or anything so it’s okay. I’m sure my body couldn’t sustain that kind of loss anyways. The meals are going well. I’m staying in a decent range for my green days with just 30 grams of Carbs. I’m already thinking about the meal prep this weekend and what I will need to get. The protein has been harder for me. 150 grams is a lot for someone who only ate smaller amounts. The time consuming part is playing with the numbers and having to weigh everything for accuracy. That is a whole other level of commitment!

I have been really loving the HR monitor and found out it connects to the rower so during those cardio days, I can really be in my zone running and rowing. I’ve also gotten to a point where I can push a bit harder without feeling like I’m running on empty. It seems like my body has adjusted to the change in my eating habit and it feels good. My sleep has improved as well. I do wake up still wanting to stay in bed but that’s more of a personal thing. Besides, who doesn’t want to hit snooze every once in a while and a few more zzz’s… However, success and results means sticking to it, so I have no choice. I am doing it!

Day 4, 4/7/2016

Day 4: (153.2lbs) Abs and Cardio yesterday.

War on Carbs: I found it super hard to eat a ton last night. My body kinda just said nope


Day 4

after the shake and a couple slices of pizza which took just about 15 mins to consume. In a
four hour window last night I was allotted anything and everything I could possibly consume, so at 6:30PM it was game time! I stopped and got a shake at Sonic… a place I have never eaten at before.
It was close to home and I was craving a rich and creamy shake. I didn’t even go with large. It was a medium which I had to look up the nutrition for so I could log it in MyFitnessPal. Even a few cheat hours had to be logged just to see how much I could consume.

I gulped down that buttered toffee shake


Buttered Toffee Shake

and it hit the spot! Oh baby, I could have popped off the cap and licked the styrofoam cup clean. I didn’t though, just to maintain some sort of dignity. I was now waiting for my order of the 12” Thai Pie at The Pie Pizzeria. It was thin crust, had peanut sauce, carrots, chicken, pineapple, and topped with basil. Even though I could have gone full crust with gooey cheese and 3 types of meat, I was conservative. It looked beautiful when it came out. The moment my car door closed the box was open and the slice was in hand. Before I reached my front door I has eaten a couple slices.

I could only imagine what I looked like in full workout gear, the smell


Thai Pie

sweat, hair frizzy, in a car with a pizza box on top of my duffle and backpack on the passenger with the pizza box right on top opened up, head cocked to the side slightly so I could still drive and get the slice in my mouth. Yes, there was no shame. I was hungry and every bite satiated me.

In the door, I had but another slice to make it half the pizza and right in the fridge it went. I wanted to keep eating but I just couldn’t. Was I full? How could it be? I WAS!